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      Top new toner resin Handan City Co., Ltd. located in China copier, printer supplies production base in Handan City, Hebei Province. Company toner factory has an annual output of 500 tons of toner production lines, annual output of 1,000 tons; resin plant is the only polyester toner resin production plant, produce polyester toner resin, 1,500 tons. Printer cartridges and printer toner cartridges produce-packing plant of 500,000 sets.
      The company was founded in 2002, 10 years the company has been engaged in copiers, print...
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Handan city new toner resin Limited company
Power word: 86-310-6661055
Mobile phone: 13722598992
Biography: 86-310-6661055 really
Post code: 056900
QQ: 40494178
Contact person: Zhang Jianbo
To address: Hebei province Handan city Yongnian Development Zone, the eastern section of Main Street Lu Chan
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